Saturday, August 7, 2010

Top 10 Charlottesville Shortcuts - Part 2

#5: Preston Sticks Light Bypass

From: Preston Ave.

To: Grady Ave.

Via: 10th Street NW

Bidirectional: No – Westbound Only

Why use it: This light cycle borders on the ridiculous. Shoot past it and make the next left.

#4: Emmet/Barracks Bypass

From: Emmet St.

Via: Morton Dr., Meadowbrook Rd.

To: Barracks Rd.

Bidirectional: Yes

Why use it: Gets around traffic jams at the light. Heading south on 29, it’s the best way to get to Arch’s Yogurt.

#3: Rugby Rd.

From: Preston Ave.

To: Hydraulic Rd.

Via: Rugby Rd.

Bidirectional: Sort of. Best for heading to Hydraulic.

Why use it: It’s a secret route that pops out unexpectedly

#2: Continental Divide Cut Through

From: Preston Ave.

To: West Main St.

Via: 8th Street NW

Bidirectional: Yes

Why use it: Impress your friends be sure to look for the troll in the railroad tunnel

#1: North East Bypass

From: 29N

To: 250 Bypass

Via: Rio Rd, Park St.

Bidirectional: Yes

Why use it: Everybody else does. On second thought, stick to the main roads.


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